3. Rainy daze.

  6. Really excited for this one.


  7. Off to Pemberton Festival tomorrow.


  8. The Strain

    Watched The Strain last night. Wasn’t overly impressed. Acting was pretty horrid. VFX were alright! The thing that bothered me the most was the sound mix. For example, when they are on the freeway and the airport is supposed to be completely shut down all you can hear is planes landing and taking off. And then again when they are in the airport and you can still hear announcements for what gate flights are departing from… not logical and could have so easily been avoided.

    Side note: Thank you to the best mentor, Chic Eglee, for teaching me to be aware of these types of things.


  9. Off on a adventure

    So much has happened since I was last here. I really wish I had kept up with this blog more. But I have been doing a decent job of keeping a written journal. I’m living in Vancouver at the moment. Was invited out here to work at the beginning of May. Packed up and left Toronto in 4 very short days. Flew out on my 23rd birthday. So exciting and rewarding. Hard work pays off. I have done the most fun things since I have been here. Last weekend I hiked Black Tusk with six other people. It was breathtaking. Hardest I have EVER pushed my body but totally worth the pain. Its a great feeling to come out of a 31km hiked and be like “fuck ya!” I did that for ME and me only.

    Well, hopefully Ill be back here sooner rather than later.


  10. A day at the cabin.