1. A day at the cabin.

  2. I felt i was on fire with the things i could have told you.

    I just assumed you eventually would ask.

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  3. Nine of Pentacles

    The woman is alone in the image, except for her bird, which symbolizes the power of thought and imagination. She does not need other people, which does not mean she does not want them, nor does it mean that she will not have them. It simply means that she has reached a point of contentment within herself at a deep level that allows her to feel quite happy even if she finds herself alone. She is able to be proud of her achievements and at peace with herself and as such has no need of an audience to tell her she has done well.

    When this card appears in a reading, it suggests a calm period during which you can fully appreciate the positive in your life and enjoy a sense of harmony with the world about you.


  4. In limbo

  5. Super obsessed with this right now

  6. Totally in love with this- breathtakingly beautiful.

  7. this is really mind blowing to me

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